For over 128 years, Osotspa’s commitment
to conducting our business and contributing
to society has been reflected in the
company’s original name, Teck Heng Yoo,
which means prosperity from charity.

Osotspa conducts our business with good governance
and a responsibility to all stakeholders including
consumers, partners, employees, shareholders,
communities, and society. Through our vision of the
“Power to Enhance Life,” Osotspa undertakes our
CSR activities with a focus on five dimensions:


Osotspa has supported people with disabilities
since 2012 when we established the “Osotspa…
Life’s Better”
project. The company initiated job
training projects in compliance with the law to
promote and support people with disabilities (Section
35) under the concept of “teaching a man to fish to
feed him for a lifetime.”
The objective of these
projects, in line with the law, was to provide practical
assistance to help those with disabilities to support
themselves and be productive members of society.
Since 2017, Osotspa has helped 60 people with
disabilities in seven cities throughout Khon Kaen
province. Many were disabled through work-related
accidents and faced considerable challenges in their
daily lives. Osotspa recently received an honor plate
and certificate in recognition of this support in
addition to sponsoring Khon Kaen’s People With
Disabilities Day 2018, where we discussed how our

projects are having a positive impact during a special
talk and encouraged other organizations to also offer
their support.

People with disabilities benefit from Osotspa
in three ways:

1) Power of Physical: In collaboration with public
health networks, we support their physical well-being;
2) Power of Mental: We help renovate their homes
to accommodate their conditions or disabilities,
giving them hope and inspiration, and helping them
to regain their confidence in leading a normal life;
3) Power of Life: We review their skills, abilities,
and potential, and offer customized job training.
In addition, we provide any necessary equipment.
Osotspa helps them with logo design and
packaging, as well as finding markets for them.
The company builds opportunities for them to work,
earn an income, and improve their quality of life.


Sports provide a dual benefit of improved health
and happiness.
Being aware of the many benefits
of sports, Osotspa is an active sponsor of sports
organizations at the local, national, and international
levels. We have long supported the sports sector
by donating funds and our products to a variety of
including the Thailand Boxing Association,
the Thailand Amateur Weightlifting Federation
(TAWA), the Table Tennis Association of Thailand,
the Thai Cycling Association, the Takraw Association
of Thailand, and the Royal Aeronautic Sports
Association of Thailand (RASAT), to help support
athletic development and prepare both amateur and
professional athletes for sports competitions. We
encourage athletes to do their very best and bring
pride to the country.


The Osotspa Foundation was established in 1995
by Mr. Surat Osathanugrah, the former CEO, who
was determined to give something back to society
by supporting public health initiatives, including
sponsoring the dental prosthesis plan, a Royal
Project that provides dentures to senior citizens,
in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health.

On the first trading day of Osotspa shares on the
Stock Exchange of Thailand, the foundation donated
3,810,000 baht, allowing 127 underprivileged patients to have cataract surgery, in addition to building a
dialysis treatment center to improve patient care at Banphaeo General Hospital in Samut Sakhon.


Osotspa donates funds and goods to help victims
of natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, and
earthquakes in Thailand and throughout the region.


Over the past 25 years, Osotspa has awarded over
300 scholarships to medical, pharmaceutical, and
nursing students, allowing recipients to support
their communities by improving access to local
healthcare and services.


Our Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) committees
work hard to reduce our environmental impact.
We introduce measures to protect the environment
and address any impacts caused by our operations.
We manage our resources through the 3Rs:

We reduce fuel consumption. Waste heat from our
bottle manufacturing plant is reused through a
vaporizing process to generate water for the bottle
washing process, using a waste heat boiler.
Reusing this waste heat saves around 1.4 million
liters of fuel oil per year.

Our highly-efficient wastewater treatment system
was installed to avoid causing direct and indirect
environmental impacts. In compliance with
Department of Industrial Works regulations, a
special team is assigned to manage wastewater
treatment before water is released. Some treated
wastewater is used to water trees and vegetation
in the plant’s green areas.

Our plant implemented technology that can use
cullets for as much as 90% of raw materials. This
reduces the amount of sand consumed in the
manufacturing process. We also use sodium carbonate
to lower the melting temperature to save energy.
The melting process is powered by heat from natural
gas, through the use of efficient, energy-saving
glass furnaces that we brought in from Japan and

Our goal is to run our business with care and sensitivity for the environment. This is an important part of
Osotspa’s corporate philosophy as we believe that businesses must not have any detrimental impact
on the environment, communities, and society.