OSOTSPA Group of Companies (“Group of Companies”)
have conducted businesses with honesty, integrity and ethics
as well as having been responsible
for their respective duties and
committed in doing businesses in compliance with good governance practices.

This enables Group of Companies to grow in a steady and sustainable manner.

The Company has developed this Code of Conduct with a view to
setting up the guidelines and practices to which the directors,
management and employees shall
adhere and to facilitating
Group of Companies to conduct businesses transparently, honestly and lawfully
as well as to avoiding any activity which could lead to a conflict of interest.

In essence, this will universally build up trust and recognition at the international level,
thereby resulting in the sustainable growth of the Company.

Accountability to
Conflict of
Company Asset and
Disclosure &
Communication of Information
Compliance and
Accountability to
Accountability to Shareholders
The Company will govern and monitor the Company’s Management so as to ensure integrity and
prudence for the benefits of the Company and its shareholders, including for the purpose of fair
and equal treatment of all shareholders. The Company is also committed to conduct business
as much capable as it can to satisfy shareholders' needs, having regard to the Company’s value
in the long run in terms of healthy and continuous returns, unknown future and risk factors
under present and future circumstances as well as disclosing information transparently and
reliably to the shareholders.
Accountability to Customers
The Company is committed to create satisfaction and trust for customers so that the customers
would receive products and services of good quality and at reasonable price, including maintaining
good relationship with customers. To achieve this, the Company therefore sets the following
codes of practices:
  • to produce quality products and services with commitment to consistently and
    seriously elevate standards as well as to fully disclose news and information on our
    products and services according to relevant laws without any misrepresentation or distortion.
  • the Directors, Management and Employees at all levels will not disclose customers’
    confidential information without prior consent from the customers or authorized persons
    of Group of Companies, unless it is required by laws to disclose to those concerned.
Accountability to Business Partners and Creditors
In business dealing with partners, such dealing should not cause Group of Companies
to endure or suffer any reputational damage or illegality. Such factors as equal treatment
and mutual benefit with the business partners should be taken into consideration in such dealing.
In sourcing business partners, the sourcing and selection process should be fair. In essence,
the Company treats its business partners as a key factor in jointly creating values to the customers.

The Company strictly follows its obligations and conditions bound by it towards its creditors,
including those relating to principal repayments, interest payments and collateral maintenance.

Accountability to Society, Community, and Environment
The Company is aware of its responsibility and importance of doing good cause for the society and
community by regularly organizing projects and activities to develop the society and the community
as well as to support local activities for common interest and will not perform any act that conflict
with relevant laws. The Group of Companies also supports local activities that it has business
presence with environmental concerns in mind.

The Company has the policy of producing environmentally friendly products and services and comply in
all respects with applicable environmental laws.

The Company encourages activities which help maintain natural resources and energy savings, including
having a policy of selecting and promoting the manufacture and use of environmentally friendly products.

Accountability to Employees
The Employees are regarded as the most valuable element of Group of Companies and the key to business success. Therefore, the Company is committed to develop
employees’ knowledge and capability as well as to, create harmonized working culture and environment. The Company promotes teamwork and also treats all
Employees with politeness and respect to their individualities.
Equal Opportunity
The Company has a non-discrimination policy and provides equality in all employment practices.
Any appointment or transfer of employees will be based on moral principles and human resources
management for the maximum benefit of Group of Companies having regard to appropriate personnel
allocation and job suitability, based upon their knowledge,capacity, responsibility and experience.
The Company will take no discriminatory practices against anyone on the basis of races, nationalities,
religions, genders, marital status and disability.
Health and Safety in Work Environment
The Company will provide a safety and healthy working environment to all Employees to prevent danger
and to promote good health for Employees.
Privacy Protection for Employees
The Company respects employees’ privacy by not revealing personal information
(e.g. salary, medical history, or family) to third parties or irrelevant persons,
unless such information is required by applicable laws to be disclosed.
The Company has a remuneration policy based upon merit and complies with applicable laws and
regulations on minimum wages.

The Company will manage wages, salaries, and benefits with a view to motivating and maintaining
capable and knowledgeable personnel so that Group of Companies will remain competitive in the market.

Working Hours
The Company will set the number of working hours per week which will not
exceed those as prescribed by laws and also set weekends holidays and annual
holidays not less than the number of days as required by laws.
No Child Labour or Forced Labour
The Company will offer employment to those who voluntarily want to work only and there
will be no compulsory labour in any form e.g. physical punishment, detention, violent threat
or terrorizing or any other form to force someone to work for Group of Companies.
This also includes no child labour employment according to applicable laws.
Accountability to Competitors
The Company conducts its business under the legal and fair competition framework and refrains
from taking any unjust or dishonest action which causes damage to competitors.

The Company has no policy of engaging in business competition by obtaining information relating
to its competitors illegally or immorally from any sources.

The Company is firmly opposed to all forms of corruption. There exists no policy of offering any form of money, incentives, gifts, advantages either
through a direct channel or via middlemen to its customers, business partners, external agencies or governmental officers in order to gain or
retain any business advantage, except for seasonal or traditional business courtesies (as indicated in Section 10.4 of this Code of Conduct),
trade discounts and sale promotions program of Group of Companies.
Conflict of
Conflict of Interests
In working for Group of Companies, there may occur a situation where personal interest of the Directors, Management or Employees could conflict
with those of Group of Companies. Such conflict of interests may happen in a variety of forms, therefore the Company sets the following guidelines
for everyone to follow in this matter:
Receiving or Accepting Money or Benefits
The Directors, Management and Employees shall not, for their own personal gains, receive any money
or benefit from customers, business partners or from any person in the course of their employment.

The Directors, Management and Employees shall not lend, take loans, or raise funds or things for
business advantages from customers or persons who conduct business with Group of Companies, except
where they borrow loans in their own personal capacities as customers of those banks or financial institutions.

Engaging in other Businesses outside Group of Companies
Engaging in personal businesses of Directors, Management and Employees shall not affect their working
duties and working hours of Group of Companies, provided however that they shall not engage in any
business competitive with those of Group of Companies, regardless of whether or not they will benefit
from such business directly or indirectly
Business Dealing with Group of Companies
Any vested interest in business dealings with Group of Companies by any Director, Management or Employee,
whether in their own name or in the name of family or any legal entity whom they have interest in, shall be
disclosed to Group of Companies prior to the commencement of such business dealings.

No Director, Management or Employee who is an interested person in any transaction or action may approve
such transaction or action on behalf of Group of Companies if such transaction or action is to be entered
into with themselves, any person in their families or any other persons whom they have interest with.

Those persons authorised to transact businesses on behalf of Group of Companies have duties to check
relationship of business partners whether such business partners are related to any Director, Management
or Employee before entering into such transactions so as to avoid any potential conflict of interests.
The definition of relationship is as specified in the Notification of the Securities and Exchange Commission
Re: Disclosure of Information and Other Acts of Listed Companies Concerning Connected Transactions.

Gifts and Business Courtesies
The Directors, Management and Employees shall avoid offering (giving) or accepting (receiving) gifts,
meals or other entertainments, except for those giving or accepting as part of traditions or in festival
seasons, provided that such giving or receiving will not influence any business decision-making of the

In the event of such giving or accepting gifts, meals or other entertainments, each relevant Employee
shall report the same to their respective Chief / Function Head.

The Directors, Management and Employees shall avoid demanding or requesting gifts either in the
form of cash or non-cash from the business partners or any other persons related to Group of
Companies if such gifts could affect any decision-making in their work performance.

Seminars and Field Trips
The Directors, Management and Employees can accept invitations to attend seminars and field trips offered
by the business partners only if they benefit our business and are approved by the authorised superiors.
Group of Companies will sponsor seminars, field trips, travel expenses, and accommodation including any
other related expenses according to the Company’s rules and regulations. In this regard, the Directors,
Management and Employees are prohibited from receiving cash or any other benefits from the business
Company Asset
and Disclosure
& Communication of Information
Preservation of Assets and Data Confidentiality
The Directors, Management and Employees at all levels have duties and responsibilities
to use Group of Companies' assets with due care and to maintain confidentiality of all
data and IT security for the maximum benefits of Group of Companies and not for
one’s own or others’ benefits.

Every Director, Management and Employee shall properly preserve the confidentiality of
data and shall not communicate any substance and publicly undisclosed information to
other organizations or outside persons who are not supposed to know such information.
They shall have duties to protect confidentiality at their best effort and to be careful
in any communication, including to appropriately store and manage such information
in strictest confidence.

Intellectual Property
Intellectual property rights of Group of Companies, e.g. copyrights, patents, trademarks,
and trade secrets are crucial assets in maintaining competitive advantages. Accordingly,
every Director, Management and Employee has duties to protect, safeguard and use such
intellectual property rights with due care and responsibility.

On the other hand, the Directors, Management, and Employees shall also respect
intellectual property rights of others.

Use of Inside Information and Insider Securities Trading
The Directors, Management and Employees at all levels shall neither use material
and publicly undisclosed information of Group of Companies for securities trading
for their own's or others’ benefits nor forward such information to others.

The Directors, Management and Employees at all levels are free to trade securities
of Group of Companies, provided that they comply with applicable rules and regulations
of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. This is to ensure that no conflict of interest
will arise and that all shareholders will be treated fairly and transparently.

Giving Information or Interviewing with Press or Public
Information concerning the Company or Group of Companies shall be given by
authorised person(s) responsible for press, media or public communication and
by authorised person(s) assigned only by the Board of Directors and such
information giving shall be made on the basis of facts, accuracy and prudence.

Those persons who have no role in press, media or public communication or are
not so assigned by the Board of Directors are not allowed to provide information
or give interview in respect of any affair of Group of Companies in a manner that
may be detrimental to the reputation or business of Group of Companies.

Compliance and Governance
Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations
The Directors, Management and Employees shall conduct the businesses of Group
of Companies in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations,
including no support of nor assistance in any act which violates applicable laws,
rules or regulations.
Political Activity
The Company has the policy of being politically neutral and providing no financial support,
donation or taking side of any political party. The Company shall not involve in any
activity which may lead to any understanding that Group of Companies are related to
or supporting any political party.

The Directors, Management, and Employees at all levels are free to participate in political
activities within the framework as permitted in the Constitution, provided that they shall
neither claim their own positions nor take any property or equipment belonging to Group
of Companies for use in political actions and shall not involve in any activity which could
lead to any understanding that Group of Companies are related to or supporting any
political party.

The Directors, Management and Employees are required to resign from their work if they
hold political positions or apply for regional or national elections.

Related Transaction
If there occurs any related transaction within Group of Companies, such related transaction
shall be entered into in compliance with an approval rule and procedure in light of the
maximum benefit of Group of Companies, provided that they are made in line with the
Related Party Transaction Policy.
Internal Control and Internal Audit
The Company puts in place an efficient internal control system and assigns a
direct responsible function to be in charge of internal audit. The Company
also promotes knowledge training to all staff so that every staff understands,
cooperates and acknowledges importance of internal control.
Respecting Human Rights Principles
Group of Companies respects and values human rights with regard to equality,
racial non- discrimination, religions, genders, marital status, physical capacities
and any other status which is not directly related to working performance.
The Directors, Management and Employees together with any other persons acting on
behalf of the Company shall respect human dignity, individuality and rights of
individuals with whom the Company interacts or works. It shall not conduct or
tolerate any action which is against or in breach of human rights principles.
Anti-Money Laundering
The Company and Group of Companies are opposed to all forms of money laundering
and strictly adhere to all relevant anti-money laundering laws. In particular,
the Company and Group of Companies must not be exploited as channel or tool by any
person in transferring, concealing, or camouflaging sources of unlawful properties.
Whistleblowing Policy

For sustainable development

Osotspa operates in an open and transparent way, where employees and

stakeholders feel they can speak up and disclose any type of wrongdoing

within our company.All disclosures and personal information are kept fully confidential.

Whistleblowing Channels

A whistleblower can report personnel behavior/misconduct related to corruption by clearly specifying the matter as confidential information and providing details in one of the following channels:

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1Notify the supervisor directly.
2Report via Hotline Tel. +66(0) 2351-1034
3Report via Osotspa phone number Tel.+66 (0) 2351-1000 ext.1034.
4Submit through the complaint box of Osotspa and its subsidiaries.
5Sending an e-mail to [email protected] or submit via website www.osotspa.com
6Contact Head of Internal Audit Osotspa Public Company Limited,
P.O. Box 132, Khlong Chan, Bang Kapi, Bangkok 10240
7 Send a letter to the Audit Committee or Osotspa Public Company Limited
348 Ramkhamhaeng Road, Hua Mak, Bang Kapi, Bangkok 10240

Whistleblowing via Email

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