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“Osotspa” and “Yanhee” launch their first product, “Yanhee Cannabis Water,” Introducing a differentiated mood-enhancing water made from cannabis leaves with Vitamin B12, and no added sugar

Osotspa Yanhee Beverage Co., Ltd. launched “Yanhee Cannabis Water with Vitamin B12” in a lavender and mixed berries scent, as the first product from “Osotspa” and “Yanhee” to tap into the cannabis-infused beverage business. The move corresponds with healthcare trends in the pandemic period and the lifestyles of the new generation. Created under the happiness concept, this mood enhancing water with a lavender and mixed berries scent was developed by experts and contains extracts of real cannabis leaves with Vitamin B12. The product is set to lead the cannabis-infused beverage market, supported by a 100-million-baht budget to generate awareness and trust, making it a healthy beverage for everyday life keeping people refreshed and relaxed throughout the day.


Mrs. Wannipa Bhakdibutr, CEO of Osotspa Public Co., Ltd. and Director of Osotspa Yanhee Beverage Co., Ltd. said, “Osotspa is pursuing a strategy to expand its herbal beverage business in line with healthcare trends. We partnered with Yanhee Vitamin Water to establish Osotspa Yanhee Beverage Co., Ltd. to mutually strengthen and expand the functional water segment. This joint venture combines the strengths of Yanhee, a medical expert in healthcare and beauty, the operator of Yanhee Medical Cannabis Center, and a pioneer in Thailand’s vitamin water segment, with Osotspa’s strong nationwide marketing and distribution network.”


“Unlocking cannabis from the narcotics list has put the spotlight on cannabis-infused water and offers growth opportunities. Consumers are largely aware of the relaxing, mood enhancing and sleep-improving benefits of cannabis. Therefore, Osotspa Yanhee Beverage developed this product to meet the interests of consumers who are focused on their health in an increasingly stressful world. The launch of ‘Yanhee Cannabis Water’ as Osotspa Yanhee Beverage’s first product utilizes the benefits of cannabis produced under standardized, safe conditions as required by Thailand’s FDA, and certified by medical professionals. This beverage will keep you refreshed and relaxed throughout the day and is aimed at the working population dealing with a range of pressures and challenges in their work while trying to achieve their everyday life balance.”


Dr. Supot Sumritvanitcha, M.D., N.D., Managing Director of Osotspa Yanhee Beverage Co., Ltd. said, “We were committed to researching and developing ‘Yanhee Cannabis Water’ so that it stood out from average cannabis drinks, offering consumers an everyday beverage they can trust. They can be assured of the selection process, as only cannabis leaves from the Squirrel Tail Strain were selected – and recognized as the world’s best. The plants are then grown legally and safely at organic cannabis farms certified for medicinal purposes. Also, the extraction is specially processed to best maintain the useful cannabinoid substances and then enhanced with Vitamin B12 together with a lavender and mixed berries scent providing a delicious taste, with no added sugar. Yanhee Cannabis Water has undergone rigorous research and testing by experts to create a new and safe cannabis water meant for everyone and is also pasteurized so customers can rest assured of the quality and taste of every bottle, which contributes to good physical and mental health.”


With Yanhee Vitamin Water’s unique packaging, Yanhee Cannabis Water comes in a striking clear green bottle and a silver label offering a premium look. The drink, ready to offer everyone a mood enhancing experience, is now available at 7-11 and Makro branches nationwide. The company has set aside a 100-million-baht budget for marketing communications and will drive awareness and understanding of Yanhee Cannabis Water through a variety of marketing activities, both offline and online, targeting a new generation of consumers.


“This launch is an important first step demonstrating the positive synergies between Osotspa and Yanhee, reinforcing our determination to develop herb-infused products that meet the health trends relevant to Thais. It also supports and promotes cannabis growers through jobs and income generation, stimulating the local and broader economy in line with Osotspa's sustainability goals. With the strong reputation of the ‘Yanhee Vitamin Water’ brand, the functional benefits of cannabis and Vitamin B12, a no-sugar formula, an easy to drink and delicious taste, and appealing aroma of lavender and mixed berries, Yanhee Cannabis Water offers a solution to healthcare needs during COVID-19 and a way to handle the daily pressures of work and school. This will definitely be the preferred everyday drink for modern consumers,” concluded Mrs. Wannipa.

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