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Osotspa aims to shake up the carbonated soft drink market, valued at over five billion baht, by entering the healthy soda segment

Osotspa is expanding its business to the carbonated soft drink market while strengthening its portfolio of healthy products by launching the Japanese plum-flavored “Shark Ume Soda.” The company expects the product will take the market by storm this summer, with special highlights including refreshing and delicious flavors, health benefits, zero calories and sugar content, and the addition of vitamins in response to Gen Y’s active lifestyles.

Mrs. Wannipa Bhakdibutr, Chief Executive Officer of Osotspa Public Company Limited (OSP), a leading Thailand-based consumer products manufacturer and distributor, said, “Osotspa, the leader in the energy drinks and functional drinks market, recently carried out a brand portfolio management strategy to create innovative products that widely meet the needs of consumers. With the summer upon us, and as consumers want a refreshing and thirst-quenching beverage to cool down, Osotspa decided to enter the carbonated soft drinks market, especially the 0% sugar healthy drink segment, which has shown increased popularity and continued growth of 100% over the last year (March 2022-February 2023). Our approach, to ensure that we stand out from the crowd, is the introduction of a different yet innovative flavor with the launch of ‘Shark Ume Soda,’ a Japanese plum-flavored soda. It has a distinctive taste that provides thirst-quenching freshness for every occasion. Consumers can easily enjoy the full aroma of sweet and tangy Ume (Japanese plum) which is good for their health with zero calories, 0% sugar, and vitamins that help boost immunity, making this their preferred alternative drink with an exceptional and unique flavor that suits active lifestyles while tackling life’s challenges, in a fun and exciting way.”

According to a survey into consumer demands in the carbonated soft drink market and the trend of healthy living, Gen Y consumers focused on their well-being are looking for a healthier beverage option that offers more value than just carbonated soft drinks. They are searching for a beverage that responds to their active lifestyles while offering a refreshing and enjoyable flavor to cool them down. One of the emerging trends is “Ume,” or Japanese plum, which has become a popular fruit used in drinks and desserts both in Japan and Korea.

“Shark Ume Soda,” an innovative soda drink containing zero calories, 0% sugar, plus vitamins, comes in a 250 ml size, is priced at 16 baht, and is now available at 7-Eleven stores from today onward.

“We believe that Shark Ume Soda, a healthy soda drink in an exotic new flavor, will really excite the market and win the hearts of a new generation of health-conscious consumers,” concluded Mrs. Wannipa.

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